IVIS: Interactive VISualisation of your data

IVIS is an open-source chart editor for interactive visualisation. It uses jQuery and HighCharts as the backbone. It works purely on the client side, and all data will be processed locally only.

Project Homepage: https://github.com/zglu/ivis

Make Your Own Interactive Chart

You can generate various types of intreactive charts using IVIS with your own data:

How to interact with the chart:

To start with, you can use the sample data for each chart type. The chart will have the popular ggplot2 style (them by Joshua Kunst).

==> Check out the examples.

Input data

IVIS directly takes user input data (just copy and paste into the input box). Data can be comma-, tab-, or space-separated values, and the header is required. There is also a function to swape the rows and columns for charting.

When you visualise large dataset (e.g., RNA-seq differential expression analysis), very often you will have just IDs in the data. When there are some interesting patterns in the chart, you migh want to get more information about that ID from various databases, for instance GeneDB, WormBase, Ensembl, or GenBank. You can customise the link according to your needs. Here are some examples:


Export to HTML

You can export the chart data in HTML for interactive presentation.


Find it useful?

If you find that IVIS can faciliate your data analysis and visualisation, please cite:
Lu Z, Zhang Y (2017) Facilitated analysis of large data sets by interactive visualisation. bioRxiv 178616; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/178616